Moctezuma Ilhuicamina, 4K

“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, Memories of its Surroundings”

The Mexica dominance over the region began at the end of the Fourteenth Century, when Acamapichtli was able to submit the manor of Cuauhnáhuac. The Mexicas wanted to dominate this region in order to take over the cotton that was grown there and that they needed to make their clothing. In order to do this, according to certain sources, the Mexica lord Huitzilíhuitl asked for the hand of Miahuaxihuitl —daughter of Ozomatzinteuctli (Itzcoatzin or Tezcacohuatzin, according to other sources), lord of Cuernavaca, and of Miyauaxiuitl, woman of Toltec origin, but this was denied to him. Then Huitzilíhuitl had no other option but to go to war; and in this way he was able to submit the lord of Cuauhnáhuac and marry his daughter. Moctezuma llhuicamina was born of this union, who years later would be the Mexica emperor.
Moctezuma llhuicamina was the fifth Aztec emperor (1440-1469), better known as “Moctezuma the Great” or the “Aged” or “Moctezuma I”. His first name, Motecuhzoma, means “man who gets angry”, or “the one who gets angry with style”. When he arrived to the throne he was more than forty years old and had already developed a notable military career. He was the Tlatoani who lasted the longest as an emperor, almost fifty years.
Captivated with the natural beauty of Oaxtepec, Moctezuma I sent messengers to travel through all the empire to search for the most exotic plants and flowers, originating the first botanical garden in America.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz:

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