El Chacuaco, 12K


“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, Memories of its Surroundings”

The word “Chacuaco” has a very old origin and its use today is very limited. When the Spaniards arrived to “Purépecha” lands they noticed that in certain celebrations the natives sat around a “sahumerio”, something like a brazier, where they burned certain herbs and inhaled the smoke and became very happy. In 1559, Fray Maturino Gilberti —Franciscan missionary—, in his Vocabulario en Lengua de Mechuacan (Vocabulary in Mechuacan Tongue), picks up the word “Chaquacu” meaning “Sahumerio, kind of brazier where they burned certain herbs and inhaled the smoke”.
Later we find the use of the term “chakuakua” in the same “Purépecha” tongue to designate the small windows on the roofs of the kitchens to release the smoke. Obviously this word is close to the meaning of a chimney.
Even later we find that to refer to the chimneys of the ovens and even the ovens themselves the word “chacuaco” began to be used. This word is still used today, although very restricted. Many may have not even heard it, and we only use it when we speak of someone who smokes too much and we say that “he smokes like a “chacuaco”.
And now, from the “chacuaco”, or what is the same, from the chimney of the Emiliano Zapata cane mill in Zacatepec, the football stadium Agustín Coruco Díaz can be seen. That’s why so many people say that the monumental “chacuaco” has been the mute witness of many glorious football games, no more and no less than two national championships—in 1955 and 1958—as well as five upgrades to the First Division. For those who feel a passion for this game, to watch a match at the Agustín Coruco Díaz Stadium in the background must be an incomparable experience.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz: http://www.facebook.com/delapantle.

Muebles Zeromadera: http://www.ramsol.com


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