Feelings of the Nation, 18K

_DSC6861“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, Memories of its Surroundings”

José Ma. Morelos dictated to Andres Quintana Roo the transcendental document “Feelings of the Nation” which was read by the Secretary of Congress in the session of the 14th of September, 1813:
1. That America is free and independent from Spain and of any other nation, government or monarchy, and that it is sanctioned as such giving the world the reasons.
2. That the Catholic religion be the only one, without tolerance of any other.
3. That all of its ministers live only from the tithes and first fruits, and the people do not have to pay more than their devotion and offerings.
4. That the dogma be sustained by the hierarchy of the Church, which is the Pope, the bishops and priests, because any plant that God did not plant must be torn off: omnis plantatis quam nom plantabit Pater meus Celestis cradicabitur.
5. That the sovereignty derives immediately from the people, who only want to deposit it in the Supreme American National Congress, made up of representatives of the provinces in equal numbers.
6. That the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers be divided in bodies compatible to carry them out.
7. That the members last four years, taking turns, with the ones of more time leaving to make a place for the new elected persons.
8. The payment of the members shall be sufficient but not superfluous and will not be more than eight thousand pesos per year.
9. That these employments can only be obtained by americans.
10. No foreigners are to be admitted if they are not artisans capable of instructing and are free of any suspicion.
11. That the states change their customs, therefore the country will not be totally free and ours if the Government is not reformed, attacking the tyranny, substituting it with the liberals, and also casting out the Spanish enemy from our land, that has declared so much against our country.
12. That as the good law is superior to man, those dictated by our Congress should be such that they commit to constancy and patriotism, moderate opulence and indigence so that the wage of the poor is increased and customs are improved, banishing ignorance, plunder and theft.
13. That the general laws include everyone, without exception of privileged groups and that these only exist as to the use of their ministry.
14. That in order to dictate a law a meeting of wise people be made with the possible number so that it can be done as well as possible, exonerating of some charges that might result.
15. That slavery is proscribed forever as well as the distinction of casts, with everybody equal, only distinguishing one American from another because of vice or virtue.
16. That our ports be open to foreign friendly nations but these cannot enter the kingdom no matter how friendly they are, and there will only be ports assigned for this, forbidding disembarkation in all the others, detailing a ten percent.
17. That everyone respects the properties of others, respecting their home as a sacred haven, dictating a penalty for offenders.
18. That torture is not admitted in the new legislation.
19. That in the legislation the celebration of the 12th of December in all the towns be established by Constitutional Law, dedicated to the Patroness of our liberty, the Most Holy Mary of Guadalupe, and that all the towns have a monthly devotion.
20. That foreign troops or from another kingdom do not come into our country, and if it should be to help, they will not be allowed in the Supreme Meeting.
21. That no expeditions are made outside the limits of the Kingdom especially overseas; but those that are not overseas are authorized to spread the faith to our inland brothers.
22. That the terrible amount of taxes, burdens and impositions that weigh us down are removed and each person gives a five percent of seeds and other effects or something equal, light, that does not oppress as much, like the sales tax, state monopoly, taxes and others; because with this slight contribution and good administration of the assets confiscated from the enemy the burden of the war and the wages of the employees can be paid.
23. That the 16th of September is celebrated every year as the anniversary of the day on which the voice of the Independence was heard and our holy freedom began, as on that day the lips of the Nation spoke and claimed its rights with sword in hand to be heard; always remembering the merits of the grand hero, Don Miguel Hidalgo and his companion Don Ignacio Allende.

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