The 33 Municipalities of Morelos, 15K

“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, Memories of its Surroundings”

1. Amacuzac “In the river of yellow figs”
2. Atlatlahucan “With reddish or red water”
3. Axochiapan “River of ayoxochiles or pumpkin flowers”
4. Ayala Named in honor of the insurgent Francisco Ayala
5. Coatlán del Río “Place full of serpents”
6. Cuautla “Grove of trees or forest”
7. Cuernavaca “Place with trees bunched together”
8. Emiliano Zapata Named in honor of the revolutionary leader
Emiliano Zapata
9. Huitzilac “In waters of hummingbirds”
10. Jantetelco “In the heap of adobes”
11. Jiutepec “In the green or turquoise hill”
12. Jojutla “Place full of paint”
13. Jonacatepec “In the hill of the onions”
14. Mazatepec “In the hill of deer”
15. Miacatlan “Place full of canes for arrows”
16. Ocuituco “Place of beetles”
17. Puente de Ixtla “Place of much obsidian”
18. Temixco “In the lion of the stone”
19. Temoac “In low waters”
20. Tepalcingo “Under or in back of the flints”
21. Tepoztlan “Place of much iron or copper”
22. Tetecala “Where there are stone houses”
23. Tetela del Volcan “Place full of stones, stony ground”
24. Tlalnepantla “In the middle of the lands”
25. Tlaltizapan “On white earth”
26. Tlaquiltenango “In the burnished or scaled walls”
27. Tlayacapan “On the end of the earth”
28. Totolapan “Over water, coots”
29. Xochitepec “On the hill of the flowers”
30. Yautepec “On the hill of the pericon”
31. Yecapixtla “Place of subtle airs”
32. Zacatepec “On the hill of grass or gramma”
33. Zacualpan “Over something covered”

It is interesting to note that after the Independence, during the first decades, the actual territory of Morelos formed a part of the state of Mexico, as its district. Later Cuernavaca was divided into municipalities therefore many of these are older than the state itself which was founded in 1869.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz:

Muebles Zeromadera:


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