The Borda Garden, 24 K


“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, recuerdos de sus alrededores”

This summer mansion surrounded by incomparable gardens was built by Manuel de la Borda —son of Jose de la Borda, a rich Spanish miner, lover of botany and horticulture. It was built as a vacation home; from its beginning it had a great variety of fruit trees and landscape plants, as well as two swimming pools, terraces at several levels, ramps, staircases, fountains with French style water features. When Jose de la Borda died on the 30th of May, 1778 the place was turned into a botanical garden for recreational purposes. The interior lake was finished in 1783 and the Church of Guadalupe, close to the gardens, was finished in 1784.

The gardens made the place famous, but also the books and articles written by some of the visitors. In 1865 the emperors decided to make it their summer home. They turned it into a kind of royal palace where, surrounded by their court, they had reunions and concerts in which the gardens and the lake showed off their splendor. Throughout its history it has been visited by many distinguished personalities, among them Porfirio Diaz, Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, Francisco I. Madero, Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Leyva and Diego Rivera.

Today the Jardin Borda is part of the Culture Institute of Morelos, where painting, sculpture, plastic arts and photography shows take place, as well as dance, theater and a great amount of concerts.

In the terraces of Jardin Borda one can find a painting of Concepcion Sedano, popularly known as “la India Bonita” (the beautiful indian), legendary love of Maximilian of Habsburg with whom she had a son, done by a painter by the name of Taracena. One of the oldest restaurants of Cuernavaca which opened its doors in 1933 has this name, making reference to this person. The garb of the woman in the painting is representative of the women of the region. The story goes that Maximilian used to go to Cuernavaca to rest from his governing tasks and to meet Concepcion. After a time he purchased an orchard in Acapantzingo and built a small house called “Olindo”, where it is said he used to meet with the India Bonita.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz:

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