The Struggle between Liberals and Conservatives., 22 K


“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, recuerdos de sus alrededores”

The War of Three Years
Within the context of the struggle between liberals and conservatives the liberals assaulted the plaza of Cuautla on the 29th of August, 1858. Commander Saldivar, defender of Cuautla, was killed in this attack. At the beginning of 1859 the struggle continued and after the bloody battle of the 9th and 10th January, Cuernavaca remained in the hands of the forces of Felix Maria Zuloaga and the different assaults of the liberals did not have any results. After these happenings by decree of the 2nd of May, 1859 (constitutionally null) the state of Mexico was fragmented by the government of Miramon, creating the territory of Iturbide, made up of the districts of Cuernavaca, Morelos and Taxco of Guerrero.

The French Intervention.

In order to sustain the battle both the liberals and the conservatives needed to find support. The liberals looked to the United States. The liberals, on their part, looked to Europe. The McLane-Ocampo and Mon-Almonte Treaties originated in this situation. The Mon-Almonte Treaty is especially important for the history of Morelos because it has to do with the bloody happenings of San Vicente Chiconcuac. Somehow what was established in the compensations was a background for the foreign intervention of the 17th of December of the year 1861, when Spanish troops disembarked in Veracruz and after that the French and the English, this way beginning an unjust war and the empire of Maximilian.

The conservatives continued with what they had always wanted. With the support of Napoleon III Maximilian of Habsburg and Carlota Amalia arrived at Veracruz on the 28th of May, 1864 aboard the Austrian ship, Novara. The first empire of Iturbide had not served as a lesson.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz:

Muebles Zeromadera:


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