Where is the Treasure of Los Plateados (the Silverfish)?, 27 K


“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, recuerdos de sus alrededores”

During the Nineteenth Century those that dared travel on mule between Acapulco and Mexico City were usually robbed. The Plateados was the best known group of robbers in the territory which today encompasses the states of Morelos and Puebla; they were familiar with the region from Jonacatepec to Tlayacapan and Yautepec and they kept the region in a state of devastation. They were savage and fearless, blocking any reaction of the press. They hid in caves and gullies and stalked all travelers. They stored a great treasure thanks to the “expropriations” that resulted from their raids. When President Benito Juarez was informed of the activities of these criminals, he gave orders for them to be demolished, and finally they were.

Although the bandits were no longer, for more than a century the people continued wondering what had happened to the treasure of Los Plateados. Treasure hunters dug inch by inch not only what was left of the Hacienda de Xochimancas, favorite hiding place of Los Plateados, but other nearby places because it was said that they had hidden the product of their robberies in several places.

When the new track of the Cuernavaca-Cuautla highway was built, during the government of Lauro Ortega Martínez (1982-1988), at last the popular treasure was found at the foot of the Cerro de Las Tetillas.

Surrounding this finding there are also histories full of mystery. It is said that when they were dynamiting the zone for the construction of the new highway, a part of the rocky mountain would not cede to the explosions because a “black hand” was holding the rocks. Since the government was putting a lot of pressure on the engineer in charge of the project he decided to ask for the help of a priest of Yautepec, who recommended that the zone should be blessed. In this way they were able to end with the mysterious hand; the rock collapsed at the first impact of the dynamite.

But where did the treasure of Los Plateados end up? Who kept it? It is a mystery. Neither Luis Murillo, the engineer in charge of the project, nor the then governor of Morelos, the deceased Lauro Ortega Martínez, nor the administrator of the construction, today a prosperous automobile merchant in Cuernavaca by the name of Prospero Deger, can tell us what happened. The treasure of Los Plateados finally went up in smoke.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz: http://www.facebook.com/delapantle.

Muebles Zeromadera: http://www.ramsol.com


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