No, Mister Madero, 40 K

“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, recuerdos de sus alrededores”

With Madero still President of Mexico, the disagreements never stopped. Zapata and Madero had a meeting at National Palace which ended in a hard discussion. When Madero offered Zapata a hacienda in the state of Morelos “as payment for your services to the Revolution”, Zapata in anger answered with a grimace, at the same time violently hitting the desk of the president with his 30-30:

“No, Mister Madero. I did not rise in arms in order to conquer lands and haciendas. I went up in arms so that what was robbed from the people of Morelos was returned to them. Therefore, Mr. Madero or you follow through with what you promised me and the state of Morelos, or “a usted y a mi nos lleva la chichicuilota” .

On the 25th of November, 1911, Zapata issued the Plan de Ayala, written by Otilio E. Montaño. This would be the ideological standard of the field works of Morelos, demanding the emancipation of the indigenous and the distribution of the large estates created during the porfirian era. Francisco I. Madero was no longer recognized as president and Pascual Orozco was named legitimate head of the Mexican Revolution. The document proposed that since the promises made to the field workers had not been fulfilled, arms was the only way to obtain justice.

Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz:

Muebles Zeromadera:


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