The Plan de Ayala, 38 K,


“Hacienda del Apantle de la Santa Cruz, recuerdos de sus alrededores”

Taking into consideration that the Mexican people lead by Don Francisco I. Madero shed their blood to reconquer their liberties and claim their trampled rights, and not so a man would take over power violating the sacred principles that he swore to defend under the slogan “effective suffrage, no reelection”, degrading the faith, the cause, justice and liberty of the people; the man we refer to is Don Francisco I. Madero […].

Due to the reasons expressed above Francisco I. Madero is disclaimed as head of the Revolution and as President of Mexico, seeking to overthrow him.
General Pascual Orozco, second to the leader don Francisco I. Madero, is recognized as head of the liberating Revolution, and in case he should not accept this delicate post, General Emiliano Zapata would be recognized as head of the Revolution.
The Revolutionary Meeting of the State of Morelos declares under oath the following to the entire nation: That they recognize as theirs the Plan de San Luis Potosi, with the additions now expressed, in benefit of the oppressed people, and will become defender of the values until death.
The Revolutionary Meeting of the State of Morelos will not admit transactions or political compromises until the dictatorial elements of Porfirio Diaz and Don Francisco I. Madero have been overthrown, because the nation is tired of false and treacherous men who makes promises as if they were liberators, but when they have power, they forget these promises and become tyrants.
As an additional part of the plan we are talking about, the lands, hills and water encroached by the landowners, scientists or chiefs under the shadow of tyranny and of criminal justice will be returned to the people or citizens who have the corresponding titles to what was stolen from them by the bad faith of our oppressors who at all costs kept possession of them arms in hand. Those of them who feel they have a right to keep them can argue this before the special courts that will be established when the Revolution triumphs.
Because the great majority of the people and Mexican citizens only own the land they stand on, suffering the horrors of misery without the possibility of improving their social condition or begin an industry or go into agriculture because the land, hills and water are monopolized by just a few, that a third of these monopolies will be expropriated from their powerful owners with previous compensation so that the people and citizens of Mexico can obtain common land, settlements, legal lands for towns or sowing or labor fields, so that the lack of prosperity and the well being of the Mexicans is improved in everything.
Those landowners, scientists or chiefs who either directly or indirectly oppose this Plan, will have their possessions taken over by the government and two thirds of them will be used to indemnify war widows and orphans of the victims who may die in the battles of this Plan.
In order to carry out the procedures in reference to the before mentioned possessions, confiscation and nationalization laws will be applied as needed; because those put into effect by the immortal Juarez on ecclesiastic possessions that chastened the despots and conservatives who have always tried to impose the ignominious yoke of oppression and regression can serve as standards and example.
The insurgent military heads of the Republic who raised their arms at the voice of Don Francisco I. Madero to defend the Plan de San Luis Potosi and that now oppose with armed forces this plan will be judged as traitors to the cause which they defended and to the country, as today many of them, so as to please the tyrants for a handful of coins or bribery are shedding the blood of their brothers who claim the fulfillment of the promises made to the nation by Don Francisco I. Madero.
The expenses of the war will be according to what is prescribed in Article XI of the Plan de San Luis Potosi and all the procedures used in the revolution that we are starting will be according to the instructions determined by the mentioned Plan.
Once we have won the revolution, a meeting of the main revolutionary heads of each state will name or designate an interim president of the nation, who will call for elections to form a Congress of the Union, which itself will call for elections of the rest of the federal powers.
At a meeting the main revolutionary heads of each state will designate the provisional governor of their corresponding state, who will call for elections in order to organize the public powers. The purpose is to avoid forced assignations that would carve the misfortune of the towns, such as the well known one of Ambrosio Figueroa in the state of Morelos and others which lead us to bloody conflicts sustained by the whims of the dictator Madero and the circle of scientists and landowners who influenced him.
If president Madero and other dictatorial elements of the current and old regime want to avoid immense misfortunes that afflict the country, they must immediately resign to the posts that they occupy and in this way do something towards healing the serious wounds that the country has suffered; because if they do not do this, the blood shed by our brothers will fall on their heads.
Mexicans, consider that the craftiness and bad faith of a man is scandalously spilling blood because he is incapable of governing; consider that his system of government is squeezing our country and trampling our institutions with the brute force of his bayonets; and that just as we raised our arms to bring him to power now we turn them against him because he did not fulfill his commitments with the Mexican people and betrayed the revolution which he started. We are not personalistic; we follow principles and not men.
Mexican people support this with your firearms and you will see the prosperity and well being of the country.
Reform, liberty, justice and law, Ayala, 28th of November, 1911
Generals Emiliano Zapata, Otilio E. Montaño, Jose Trinidad Ruiz, Eufemio Zapata, Jesus Morales, Proculo Capistran, and Francisco Mendoza.

Colonels Amador Salazar, Agustin Cazares, Rafael Sanchez, Cristobal Domínguez, Fermin Omaña, Pedro Salazar, Emignio L. Marmolejo, Pioquinto Galis, Manuel Vergar, Santiago Aguilar, Cleotilde Sosa, Julio Tapia, Felipe Vaquero, Jesus Sanchez, Jose Ortega, Julio Aldame, Alfonso Morales, and Quintin Gonzalez.

Captains Manuel Hernandez, Feliciano Dominguez, Jose Pineda, Ambrosio Lopez, Apolinar Adorno, Porfirio Cazares, Antonio Gutierrez, Odilon Perez, Agustin Ortiz, Pedro Balbuena Huertero, Catarino Vergara, Margarito Camacho, Serafin Rivera, Teofilo Galindo, Felipe Torres, Simon Guevara, Avelino Cortes, Jose Maria Carrillo, Jesus Escamillas, Florentino Osorio, Camerino Menchaca, Juan Esteves, Francisco Mercado, Sotero Guzman, Melesio Rodriguez, Gegorio Garcia, Jose Villanueva, L. Franco, J.

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